The Ethics Case Study : Cancer Patient Case Studies Essay

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Physicians objective is to find a legal team, preferably within the HCO that could examine the legislators of the AG’s decision. Furthermore, the LMH ethics committee prefers to find an on-staff volunteer lawyer with clinical experience. Ultimately, all ethics committee members unanimously convey that they want to change to happen. The question remains how community involvement in addressing the issue shall be the most effective. The topic of DNR is necessary for the elderly with chronic illness. With the elderly in mind, there is still much legal jargon to argue against KSA65-4941(2) policy.
Cancer Patient Case Study After hashing out the DNR AG issue, the committee discusses another complex ethics case study. There was an experimental drug involved for a young forty-three-year-old female diagnosed with carcinoma. After undergoing many chemotherapy treatments, the young ladies, death was imminent, yet the family still wanted to pursue aggressive treatment. The young woman and spouse were willing to try anything at one point “her pain was so severe that she required a Dilaudid PCA for pain control” (LMH). Experimental drug treatment, is not uncommon, according to the text “Ethical Questions at the End of Life” by Paul B. Hofmann, he informs “more recently the most common cases coming before the hospital ethics committees involve families insisting on treatment that doctors believe is unwarranted” (Hofmann 201). The clinical drug was quite expensive, but the staff was unable…

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