The Ethics And Affirmative Action Essay

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Ethics and Affirmative Action Affirmative action has been a long and widely debated topic here in the United States, since the 1960 's. Even though it is a strategy to help create a more diverse atmosphere in the education and work arena, by providing more opportunities to minorities and women, it is widely questioned in its quest to provide equal rights, because many believe it can inhibit productivity and increase poor attitudes in these areas (Jackson, 2014). Companies and Educational Institutions can apply ethical theories to the question of Affirmative action to help determine the proper course of action that can be taken within their domain.

Brief History of Affirmative Action

March 1961 takes a significant place in history when then President John F. Kennedy issued an executive order that prevented government contractors from discrimination of employees based on their race, color , religion and national origin strengthening efforts for equal opportunity employment. In September of 1965, then President Lyndon b. Johnson further amended the order to include not discriminating on the basis of sex to fully realize equal employment for minorities and women (OEOD, 2010).

Classical Theories and Alternative Perspectives in Ethics

What is Ethics? Ethics is the study of right and wrong when dealing with what Humans should do in various situations. Many variables are in play when determining what is right and wrong. There are individual, familial, society and…

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