Essay on The Ethical Issues Surrounding The Ferguson Scandal

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Part One: Introduction Police brutality and the use of excessive force unfortunately, is not something that is new in America. From the Rodney King incident in 1991 ( Editors) to the Michael Brown (Ferguson) shooting in 2014 (Buchanan, Fessenden, Lai, Park, Parlapiano, Tse, Wallance, Watkins, Yourish), to the use of excessive force which resulted in the death of Eric Garner in 2014 (Karabel, 2015). Police brutality and excessive force is quickly becoming a topic of conversation for everyone, not just those directly impacted. Through increased technology, i.e. cell phones, and cameras (Kindy, Fisher, Tate, Jenkins) more reports are surfacing, and as a result police officers and their respective police departments are under more scrutiny than ever. The purpose of this report is to analyze the ethical issues surrounding the Ferguson scandal, as well as determine the consequences of the unethical behavior on behalf of police, and how they affect the criminal justice system, society, and the individuals involved.
Part Two: Background The following events have been known or generally concluded to have happened that led up to the shooting, resulting in the death of Brown:
• “Brown and his friend Johnson were caught on camera stealing from a convenience store” (Buchanan, et al).
• “Officer Wilson radios in, suggesting Brown and Johnson were suspects in the convenience store theft” (Buchanan, et al).
• “Officer Wilson then positions his vehicle blocking the two men…

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