The Ethical Issue Being Questioned Essay

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The ethical issue being questioned is the fact that one of the students is not pulling her weight in the class project. This has been a problem because the students are in a senior thesis class and the grade given will affect the students overall GPA. We all came to an agreement of what is expected of for each member of the group but Natalie has not been doing her work. Because of this, all the other members of the group have been picking up her slack and doing extra work to compensate for Natalie’s behavior. The group does not want to throw her under the bus but we do not want to give her an A for doing little to no work on the group project. There are three options for this situation. We can give her an A/B because we do not really want to see her suffer. She did pick up the pace after a while which did help towards the end of the project. We could give her a C which will show that she did some work but did not really pull her weight in the project. Or we could give her a D/F. If we give her this grade, it would show that she did not do anything and that she was not helpful to the group at all. The best option to take to respect the rights of all would be to give her a C. She did not do the adequate work but she was there for the meeting and worked a little harder at the end of the semester to help with some of the project. If we were to treat people equally, we would need to give her a lower grade because she made our workload a lot harder and took the credit for our…

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