Ethical Boundaries In Nursing

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Ethics in nursing practice is a set of guideline that healthcare professionals practice. By using these guidelines it ensure that healthcare professionals include these morals within their clinical practice to make sure that they are safe and ethically correct (Butts & Rich 2012, p. 3). This assignment is based on an ethical dilemma between a healthcare professional and a patient. I believe that because Sam is the nurse who provided care to Lee that there is an ethical breach and that the boundaries of the nurse-patient relationship have been crossed. For the purpose of this essay Sam and Lee will both be identified as male. This paper will encompass an interrogation of the different ethical views and values, how having a personal relationship …show more content…
The major impact that influences this scenario is the therapeutic relationship. A therapeutic relationship is known as a bond between healthcare professionals and the patients that they provide care to (Zapka et al 2009, pp. 853-854). This type of relationship is made up of trust, honesty, respect, advocacy and communication. Setting boundaries is a required component in this type of relationship to make sure that boundaries are not broken (Zapka et al 2009, pp. 853-854). When looking at the scenario Sam and Lee are two people who live next door to each other, that are both hungry and at the end of their work day are both going to have something to eat and would like to share a table. In the nature of the two talking and the background of them both it seems as though they would have some kind of friendship before Lee attending the GP clinic for treatment to his chronic wound. When looking at the scenario ethically it can be said that Sam is using the principle of beneficence and non-maleficence which means that healthcare professionals do good for their patients without harming them in anyway (Luce & White 2009, p. …show more content…
The code of professional conduct for nurses in Australia (2006) states that ‘Nurses practise nursing reflectively and ethically’, with this being said it seems as though Sam is not practicing ethically due to going to have a dinner with a patient, which would go past the boundaries of the therapeutic relationship that was discussed earlier on. The code of ethics are set guidelines in which registered nurses should base their clinical practice, it has been put in place for the safety of the healthcare worker and also the community patients (nursing and midwifery board of Australia 2008). A conflict of interest occurs when there is a mix between personal and professional interests and where a conflict may happen, it is important for healthcare professionals that they are able to reflect upon these situations and avoid conflict of interest situations from occurring (College of registered nurses of British Columbia 2016). With Sam having a person connection with Lee there may be a conflict of interest between the two, Sam should have no treated Lee but as she was the only nursing staff on duty she had no choice but to redress his chronic leg

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