The Ethical Dilemma Between A Healthcare Professional And A Patient

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Ethics in nursing practice is a set of guideline that healthcare professionals practice. By using these guidelines it ensure that healthcare professionals include these morals within their clinical practice to make sure that they are safe and ethically correct (Butts & Rich 2012, p. 3). This assignment is based on an ethical dilemma between a healthcare professional and a patient. I believe that because Sam is the nurse who provided care to Lee that there is an ethical breach and that the boundaries of the nurse-patient relationship have been crossed. For the purpose of this essay Sam and Lee will both be identified as male. This paper will encompass an interrogation of the different ethical views and values, how having a personal relationship with a patient can send mixed intentions and how the therapeutic relationship can be damaged as a result, that setting boundaries in a situation such as this one is very important to the terms of the care that Lee will be receiving and that it needs to be professional not personal, how treating a patient that you have a personal connection with can interfere with the professional values as a registered nurse, how if Lee gets rejected from going to dinner with Sam that he will reframe from attending the GP clinic for his treatment, how Lee has other options for dinner as he can go with his best friend that he lives with.
The clinical scenario is based at a GP clinic; a registered nurse named Sam redresses a chronic leg wound of a…

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