Essay about The Escape Of The Freeway

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The Escape of the Freeway in Didion 's Play it As it Lays The absence or termination of life or existence provokes an act of escape. Escape from a life of nothingness can be both a healing mechanism and the discovery of purpose in an individuals life. Maria Wyeth 's intensity of denial and passivity devour every single one of her actions throughout Joan Didion 's Play It As It Lays. It seems as if nothing really gives genuine meaning in Maria 's life, however, something she does possess is strong emotions for indiscriminately driving on the freeway. She has absolutely no direction or idea of where she 's going in life in general without the freeway. Maria finds comfort in driving on the freeways and looks to it almost as a distraction from the nothingness of the tracks which is the only time she feels safe and in control. The freeway is ultimately a routine she lays out for herself, the one aspect in her life that gives her a sense of direction, and the only meaningful facet to her life of nothingness other than her daughter Kate. Maria 's driving would be best magnified as almost a routine or a lifestyle she has set for herself. In the first chapter where it becomes perceptible that Maria 's life is consists of the idea of waking up daily at 10 in the morning to take a drive on the freeway when Didion says "She dressed every morning with a greater sense of purpose than she had felt in some time."(Didion 15). Maria 's life seems to appear as a routine because she even has…

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