Essay on The Era Of Victorian Lifestyle

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The beginning of the 20th century in the United States was an era of promise. The United States was a country fresh off reconstruction from the severe damages from the civil war and was transitioning into becoming an economic power. However, the rising new economic power embodied the class conflicts left unattended by their colonial predecessors. The upper class were called the Victorians, the wealthiest members of American society, who enjoyed a lavish lifestyle , while controlling several aspects around the United States. Below them, laid the progressives who represented the growing middle class in the United States in the turn of the century. Progressives, because of their disparity of wealth and their large numbers compared to Victorians, sought to resolve domestic issues utilizing a different approach. The lavish lifestyle the Victorians enjoyed at the end of the 19th century received criticism because of its effects on the rest of society. The essentials of Victorian lifestyle manifested an eccentric lifestyle of drinking and enjoying life to the fullest. As the Mcgerr illustrates “ Drinking and the new sedative pleasures of smoking and saloon card-games are of the faulty economic system” ( Mcgeer 94). Progressives scrutinized the new contagious dangerous lifestyle they enjoyed because of their enormous wealth allowed for less self control. Consequently, Progressives aimed to fight the negative Victorian values by seeking to make alcohol illegal and reducing…

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