The Era Of Great Changes Throughout Europe Since The Early 19th Century

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"Baroque" is a style in Europe since the early 17th century. Bqroque from the Portuguese "barroco", meaning an irregular pearls. Renaissance humanist writer used the word to criticize those who do not follow the classical works of art produced by the specification. Although inherited Baroque Renaissance illusionism establish up to reproduce the traditional, but abandoned the pure, harmonious, stable classical style, the pursuit of a complicated hyperbole, magnificent, mighty, full of dynamic artistic realm.
18th century was the era of big changes in Europe , and its artistic trends, political and religious rights dispute with then have a great relationship . Since the early 1500s, the German Martin Luther advocated ' Reformation ', the once- disgraced greatly impact the Holy See , in the seventeenth century, has launched another wave of ' Counter-Reformation ' movement. Prevalent in Protestant countries , to respect the freedom and respect for the material mainly committed to the development of new knowledge ; taught in the old sphere of influence , the places with the church as the center of the court , inspiring majestic magnificent art, on the one hand a strong secular power of the court showy fun he respects with the fanatical Catholicism and solemn ceremony match, so have the strength and performance of the seventeenth century the rich Baroque art .
Painters of this period tend to use in the painting and diagonal arcs , paintings full of…

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