Essay on The Era Of A New Modern Age

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Over the course of four years, this country was torn apart in one of the bloodiest wars it 's ever seen, one that would now be recognized as the watershed of a new modern age. The subsequent decade of reconstruction was full of change, both good and bad, which would play a key role in molding the future of the union. This change came in numerous different forms, and swept across the north and the south alike. A surprising cultural shift came in the form of both new religious awakenings, and the questionings of long held beliefs. Politically, this time period was one marked by an increase in the freedoms and liberties allotted to people other than rich white men. The Gilded Age brought about a huge economic boom, leading us from a mostly agrarian society to a profitable industrial one. It was all these changes and more that would help lead us down the road toward the modern america we’ve come to know. A country rich with religion and its avid practitioners, it’s no surprise that god played an integral part of the war, and even the years following. It was not uncommon for men to hold revival meetings in camp, or for them to sing hymns and psalms while marching into battle. To many, the Civil War was seen as one of God’s many tests, and their successes just proof of his love and support. For the North especially, their victory just seemed to them to be God blessing them, their new country, and their mission for a better future. However, the post-war years brought about a…

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