The Epic Of The Ramayana Essay

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The Ramayana is one of two great epics. It has a place for religion and society. In point and fact it would not be inaccurate to name it as “the Hindus’ favorite book”. (Klostermaier, pg. 61) It consists of twenty-four thousand stanzas of poetry and is a “masterpiece of literary composition”. (Narayan, pg. xxiii) The Ramayana has been translated and retold in Sanskrit and in the regional languages of Indian. It even appeared in early Buddhist canon. Every year at the autumn festival of Dassehra the Ram-lila (“Rama-play”) to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness-as demonstrated in the Ramayana through Rama’s battle with Ravana and eventual recovery of Sita). The Ramayana is the story of Rama, the perfect king and man, and his wife Sita, the perfect woman. Their actions throughout are the models upon which Hindu men and women model their lives. Rama’s relinquishment of every comfort and even kingship at his father’s orders demonstrates the proper obedience toward one’s parents. Sita’s refusal to give in to Ravanna and even her near attempt of suicide is a demonstration of a woman’s value of her purity and her responsibility toward her future husband (or husband) to maintain it. Rama is at once man and god, just as Sita is at once goddess and woman. As such it emulate either one in life, a Hindu thus practices bhaktiyoga, or devotion to one god above all others. The study/reading of the Ramayana itself is a form of worship. Thus, it would be accurate to say that the…

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