The Epic Of The Ramayana Essay

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What Does It Mean to be Righteous?
The Ramayana is an epic filled with Gods, humans, and creatures, their stories intertwining with tales of love, tragedy, honesty, lies, evil, and righteousness. In The Ramayana, righteousness is defined as commitment to duty, something that is shown by Rama and Sita in their undying loyalty and faith to their family members, people, and the commands of the Gods. Their righteousness is determined in different ways and is judged by different people, but in the end their family members, the Gods, and people of the kingdom agree that Sita and Rama are righteous people, shown through the respect that Rama and Sita receive from these people and Gods. In this essay I will prove that the Gods judge Rama and Sita to be righteous because they approve of their decisions as leaders, people, and for Rama, as a God, by not interfering but watching over their lives. The people of Ayodhya help to prove their righteousness by looking up to them as leaders and role models. Their family values further prove their righteousness because of their devotion shown to one another and their family, important in the culture of the time. Rama and Sita 's commitment to their duties as rulers of their people, faith in their family, and devotion to the Gods, help show the two rulers as righteous according to cultural norms of the time, further portrayed through the God 's confidence in Rama to make righteous decision as the incarceration of a God.
Righteousness is a…

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