Essay on The Epic Of Beowulf By William Shakespeare

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In the story of Beowulf 's great feat he comes to a point of fate as everyone does. As much as he achieves in his life, he doesn 't achieve immortality. Beowulf knows he will have to leave sometime but King Hrothgar gives him critical words of wisdom while he was in his prime. Hrothgar has lived the life of a great warrior himself. Now as an old king, it seems as if he becomes Beowulf 's mentor and Beowulf is his protector. Their relationship presents a good example of a trade-off. If Beowulf is so great and is praised heavily, why would he need Hrothgar 's advice? In the land of the Danes, where King Hrothgar ruled, there had been a night marauder. The monster would bring evil throughout the hall and even kill. King Hrothgar of old age knew that he couldn’t defend his land himself against the monster but there came Beowulf. Beowulf came to the land and successfully defeated the monster. It wasn’t much of a challenge because he fought without any weapons. After the loss of her son, Grendel’s mother sought revenge from all of her grief. She came to the hall and murders Aesechere, a great friend of the king, and also kills Hrothgar 's guards. Beowulf then steps to her also, although the difficulty of the match grew. Before the fight he has a dialogue with her and says, “Let whoever can win glory before death. When a warrior is gone, that will be his best and only bulwark” (Beowulf 71; ll.1387-1389). Despite that Beowulf comes out victorious. This basically sums up that their…

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