The Epic Of Beowulf By William Shakespeare Essays

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Often, heroes are remembered throughout history. Beowulf has been remembered for centuries, and his story has been told again and again, time after time. This alone, is another example of the legacy this epic hero has left. During the time period that this epic story was created, Anglo-Saxon’s would tell many stories where fate would be determined by the heroic nature of one individual, and their ability to battle monsters that they would face, or other obstacles that would occur throughout their lives.

When Grendel attacks the King’s mead hall, many fear the need to step up and save him. Grendel “snatched up thirty men, smashed them unknowing in their beds and ran out with their bodies, the blood dripping behind him, back to his lair, delighted with his night’s slaughter.” When a tragedy like this is to occur in one’s town, typically an epic hero is to step up, destroy the beast, and save the day. Though, many of the people in Herot might of felt as though they aren’t strong enough to defeat Grendel. However, one epic hero; Beowulf, volunteers to defeat Grendel. Although many years had past since the mead hall was attacked, Beowulf was determined to defeat this monster. Many nights in which lives were lost due to this beast would soon come to an end. Beowulf gathered some of the strongest, and bravest Geats in order to help him with this battle. Though the sea that they traveled was just as treacherous as the battle would be, with the harsh winds and sand…

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