The Environmental Problem Of The California Salmon Population

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There are many environmental issues to talk about. Choosing one was a difficult task, but I choose this problem because is it close to home. I also choose this topic because it effects a lot of ecosystems and it has an impact on humans too. It is crucial to the environment that this problem gets fixed. There are a few solutions I will talk about that try to help with the problem I choose. Of the three solutions, there is one that I think will work the best. I will also show you the advantages and disadvantages of the different solutions. Just like any other topic, there are a lot of different opinions about the solutions and why there are good or bad. This is why I will also discuss what my opinions are about them. I hope you find my topic important and my paper informative.
The issue that we will cover is the environmental problem that is facing the Oregon salmon population. The problem that we will be talking about, in particular, is the salmon in the Oregon rivers and ocean. There are many components that make up this problem. There are different solutions, as well, to try to fix the issue that salmon have. “Particularly worrisome is the accelerated downward trend in the last few years, signaling that some populations just may not be able to cope with fast-changing climatic conditions heaped on top of other existing pressures.” (Rebecca Shur, n.d.). This shows how serious the problem is with the salmon in the North West, as a whole. Some of the problem has to do with the…

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