The Environmental Impacts Of Urbanization Essay examples

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The IPAT model is based on the population, the capacity to consume, and technological change. This model is a way for us to understand how population, consumption, and technology contribute to the environmental effects we are seeing. This can mean a number of things, as all the things listed on the IPAT model together contribute to different environmental impacts. The population as a whole, and certain populations in different countries or regions may contribute to environmental impacts whether they are the ones who are consuming, providing, or aiding to. Currently the world population is estimated to be over 7billion, the population has grown rapidly and continues to grow. With the population growing so rapidly this causes urbanization, which is more people that live in rural areas moving into more urban areas. Urbanization happens for a number of reasons including employment opportunities. Urbanization is an important thing in creating developing countries, this allows for things like globalization to be possible.

Globalization is the way the world stays connected through relationships and trade, this is aided by technology. The necessity of one country can be provided by another and vice versa, for example some crops in South America such as soy beans may be in high demand in China. In The Niger Delta, oil reserves may be in high demand in the USA because of this different people, governments, and countries come together to make these imports and exports…

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