The English And Australian English Essay

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Being able to speak, write and communicate in SWE is a normal day to day attribute. Having the understanding of different dialects of English such as American English, Canadian English and Australian English is a very impressive skill, it allows people from different societies to be able to interact in a way that they feel comfortable with each other. Although the English language has been firm, the recent emerges of different societies has resulted in the English language to break down into different dialects to enable better communication and understanding.

The English language has always been predominantly the universal language of communication. The different dialects of the English language have become the sole reason for good communication. By being able to communicate in different societies and social gatherings using the various dialects enables a strong form of communication and respect among a group of people. The use of different dialects greatly effects the way people judge one another, when a person conforms and uses the dialect of a certain group of people to communicate with them, they tend to receive respect and gratitude due to the fact that the person tried to fit in with them. David Foster Wallace stated that Which dialect you choose to use depends, of course, on whom you 're addressing. More to the point, I submit that the you use depends mostly on what sort of Group your listener is part of and on whether you wish to present yourself as a fellow member…

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