The End Of The Revolutionary War Essay

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Bruce Batista
While there was no tyrannical, violent king that was overthrown like King Louis XVI during the French Revolution, or no oppressed proletariat class that replaced the ruling class like in the Russian Revolution, the American Revolution was still truly revolutionary because it changed nearly every aspect of life for the colonists, and America as we know it today would not exist. There economic, political, and social upheaval as a result of gaining independence from England.
The Treaty of Paris was signed on September 3, 1783, and it marked the end of the Revolutionary War. Great Britain had to recognize American independence and gave up the land between the Allegheny Mountains in Pennsylvania and the Mississippi River. The United States’ size nearly doubled overnight. The land west of the Appalachians had been previously of limits, but was now open to settlers. This spawned a great opportunity for Americans seeking land to head west.
Prior to the Revolution, the colonies engages in the practice of primogeniture. Primogeniture is an English law in which land is inherited by the first born son. Land was a status symbol, and without it a man was considered a second-class citizen. As a result of this custom, land in the colonies would remain in the hands of very few, and therefore very few would stay in power. Those who didn’t own land would be forced to pay quitrents to the King. This feudal system was extremely oppressive, and the landless would be powerless…

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