The End Of The Civil War Essay

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At the end of the Civil War, former slaves rejoiced in their newly free status granted by the 13th Amendment. Yet, despite their freedom, these African Americans essentially held no means of beginning a new life off of their former owner’s plantations. However, newly freed African Americans sought to rebuild their lives post-slavery through the ownership of land, the ability to receive an education, mobility, suffrage, family reunification, and being self-sufficient. Land would allow for these men and women to grow their own crops to sell and eat, and an education would allow for them to be competent sellers in their respective markets. The ability to move not only gives them another point of self sufficiency in terms of find land or possibly find family members who had been split from them during the auctioning of slaves. Their communities would benefit from such rights, as children would be educated and able to pursue their own path to self-sufficient and literacy, while others could reconnect with family members and friends who had been separated. The federal government, under Lincoln and his short presidency under Reconstruction, made attempts to help rebuild African American lives and aid them in the process of self sufficiency through the creation of the Freedmen’s Bureau. The Freedmen’s Bureau, according to African American Records, “issued food and clothing, operated hospitals and temporary camps, helped locate family members, promoted education,…provided…

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