Essay about The End Of The Civil War

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The end of the Civil War was an exciting time for American citizens. After years of tumultuous feelings between the North and the South, an end to the chaos was finally imminent. But this excitement would not last long, as the captain of the victors, Abraham Lincoln, was shot shortly after. One could say that Walt Whitman was infatuated with Lincoln. Whitman had never met Lincoln in his life, only regularly would see him pass by in his carriage in Washington D.C. It is apparent that Lincoln’s death would strike Whitman as a tragedy, as the man whom he regarded so highly and led his country to peace has passed. A great poet he was, Whitman included themes of politics, sexuality, and war, to reflect the common American’s view on events, often through allusions. Allusion is defined as “a statement that refers to something without mentioning it directly” (Merriam-Webster dictionary). In “O Captain! My Captain!”, allusion served as Whitman’s primary outlet to insert his emotional voice and express why he felt so connected to President Lincoln. Much of Whitman’s poetry addresses the erotic nature of mankind. In Whitman’s lifetime, sexuality was a taboo topic, and especially homosexuality. Whitman was neither “uniformly homosexual nor uniformly heterosexual but flexibly “omnisexual” (Miller 87). Also, it was proposed that Whitman had a crush on Lincoln (Reynolds 199). In the summer of 1863, Whitman wrote in his journal, that when he saw him riding through the city in a carriage,…

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