The End Of Something And The Three Day Blow Essay

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Emotional Changes and Transitions In this literary analysis of Hemmingway’s short stories, “The End of Something” and “The Three Day Blow.” The emotional changes and growth of the main character, Nick, are a direct representation of how certain decisions and perceptions of life changing events can affect a person’s life. This analysis will give the readers a new perception of how to interpret the emotions undercurrent and growth of Nick in these stories. It will also give insight into how simple personal interpretation of a written work has the ability to not only allow an understanding of the characters and plot, but also how the author may have felt themselves as they were writing the piece of work. In the short story, “The End of Something,” Nick has gotten bored with the relationship. Nick is young and values excitement and spark over comfort and routine. The reader would almost have to wonder if he was worried about Marjorie beginning to think of marriage. He tries to pick a fight somewhat with Marjorie by saying things such as “You know everything. That’s the trouble. You know you do” (“The End of Something”). He says these things so he can justify his quick and cruelly worded, emotionless break up with her. However, Nick seems to have an internal regret coupled with relief about the turn out of the event. One may feel as though the regret is because he feels as if he might miss her carefree, loving company. As well as her obvious love for life and appreciation of…

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