The Enactment Of Zero Tolerance Policies And No Child Left Behind Widened

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The enactment of Zero Tolerance policies and No Child Left Behind widened the chasm between the students, teachers, administration and those that govern, at any level. Another arena that both these policies remain a constant is in the political landscape. As noted education is usually at the basis of every political platform, the issue of school violence and student achievement resonates at every level of education. Education, as a system, somehow stays under attack in some way, shape or form across the political landscape even outside the election cycle. By framing schools as violent, unsafe places, elected officials get a ground swell of support, particularly when unions and school board oversight are considered as part of their platform particularly for the right-wing anti-public school politicians (Simon 208). This leads to increased support for imposing more control over schools or risk their continued existence. This is, of course, achieved by looking at the performance of individual schools.
Despite all of the fanfare with which these policies were enacted, there is no evidence supporting the fact that they have been at all successful. In fact, it appears just the opposite. Zero Tolerance policies and No Child Left Behind are “creating an atmosphere of learning, engagement and opportunity, current educational practices have increasingly blurred the distinction between school and jail (Heitzeg 1). Policies that have failed children, one of the country’s most…

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