The Emotions Induced By Group Musical Participation Essay

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In both this and last quarter, many of the texts reference the intense emotion and connection that can be felt during participatory music and moving together in time. The feelings induced by group musical participation are multi-dimensional and can be applied to adverse situations. Some discussions have been about the personal benefits, such as ecstasy, in response to participating in music together; others have mentioned the power of this heightened emotion and oneness, when practiced in small communities or militant settings
With extensive data supporting the emotional effects of group music and rhythmic activities, I’m left wondering what exactly stimulates these feelings. Essentially, what are the roots of the unifying emotion experienced through participatory music and moving together in time? There are numerous possible hypotheses, but I believe it lies either in the individual experiences each member undergoes, or in the personal gratification achieved from the community working together. If the first one is the case, I also believe that no matter the later actions of the community, so long as an individual’s desire for ecstasy is being fulfilled, they will continue to participate in that community.
In his book, Keeping Together in Time: Dance and Drill in Human History, McNeill shared his own experiences with moving together in time. One case in particular is when he was in the army; drills often required him to march aimlessly in unison with his peers. Upon…

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