The Electronic Medical Record ( Emr ) Essay

1476 Words Nov 1st, 2015 null Page
The age of computers has drastically enhanced our ability to view, document and diagnose without the need to write on paper. There are many software applications available for use to aide in recording a patient’s health record. The technology of today is designed to capture the whole picture of a patient’s medical conditions. The paper medical record could often be illegible and often mistakes were made when transcribing, causing misinformation used to treat the patient. The benefits are huge, not only can the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) be seen by anyone with the proper access to that EMR system. This technology allows sharing important medical information to other institutions using the same medical record. Records are shared through network-connected, enterprise-wide information systems or other information networks and exchanges. This process can be done in an instant of the online request. Of course there are security issues to be dealt with, but imagine being a patient with a significant health problems and traveling to another state or country. Then while away from their medical facility, they have an accident and are taken to a hospital. Upon arriving at ABC Hospital, the patient tells the staff they are a patient at XYZ Hospital. The staff knowing XYZ Hospital uses the same EMR they do, the staff can quickly get the patient’s pertinent medical information sent to them in a matter of seconds, by doing an online request to XYZ Hospital. The patient’s allergies,…

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