The Election Process : The Primary Election Essay

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Chasity Turner
Texas Government 2306
November 4, 2014
Election Process
The primary election is a nominating election to figure out who will be running for a specific party. It narrows the field for one individual for a specific office. The general election is an election for everyone to vote and make the final decisions for that specific office. “Caucus is a local meeting where registered members of a political party gather to vote for their specific party.” ( Klonsky) A campaign takes precision and organization with thoughtful planning to achieve a great impact on their audience. Campaigners have to learn about existing campaigns, which will help them when considering what they want to target positive or negatively. They use this knowledge to create their orchestrated strategy. In addition, positive and negative advertisement in the media is used to portray a certain agenda. Positive advertisement is portraying the candidate in the best possible way. For example, a campaigner might play with children while visiting a hospital. Negative advertisement is a target on an opponent with a determination of producing a weakness or an allegation of the public mistrust, or misrepresenting the opponent’s record. To raise money for these elections, they hold fundraisers. The election process affects the legislature, judicial, and executive branches of government.
Judicial Branch
Texas’s judicial branch enforces and adjudicates laws in overlapping federal, state and local…

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