The Election Of The Presidential Election Essay

966 Words Oct 31st, 2016 4 Pages
For many years, college aged students (18-24) have been known to not exercise their right to vote in elections. There has been many different speculations as to why this happens, but there have never been one specific reason that can explain this concept. This year 's presidential election had a potential candidate that seemed to appeal to college students the most and had some of the highest voter turnout for the Democratic primaries. This candidate was Bernie Sanders, since having been taken out of the presidential race Hillary Clinton has taken the spot for the Democratic candidate. Bernie was able to win over many college student with the belief that young people should be able to attend school or college without accumulating a massive amount of debt. Once Bernie was eliminated it could be possible that many voter between ages 18-24 have decided not to vote. It is also possible that Hillary was able to regain this age group by adding certain policies, such as reduced college tuition. Another option is that former Bernie supporters are now voting for Trump out of spite for Hillary or the election process. How are former Bernie Sanders supporters voting in the election now that he is no longer in the race? The voting behavior of college students has a huge impact on the political elections that take place in America. The age group of 18-24 makes up a significant amount of the population that can vote, but because a large amount of students do not vote most of the…

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