The Election And The Presidential Election Essay

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Throughout centuries, newspapers have being one of the most popular ways of sharing and getting information for what happens nationally and around the world. Every day this pamphlets were filled with events, and for month they accumulated to become the yearly historical context of every state. Fortunately these are available in different web pages and store tons of informational texts as the article in which this paper is based, “After The Battle ˮ, from The Morning Call. Written in November 8, 1892, this column expresses the position of different states at the presidential election being held that year. It shows some candidates points of view about the election and the three different parties. At 1892 each state was either Republican, Democratic or Populist, and the community had to choose the one they wanted for election. But there were some states that were claimed by both parties, as the case of California, which was slightly Republican. Besides the partial division of the states, it was, at this point, clear that Grover Cleveland had high opportunities of winning the Presidency. He had shown incredible strength in the West and over his opponents which would have gave him security, relief and pride. Grover did not have Nebraska that was more on the Populists side, which seemed to be strong in the Northwest. On the other side some states were on the Republican train, like Delaware, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana, while some were uncertain like California and Kansas.…

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