Essay on The Elder 's Changing Point Of View

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The Elder’s Changing Point of View
To acknowledge the changing sociological ideas of an elder, I have interviewed a person over 55 years old. This person is my grandma Linda Mack. My grandmother is 65 years old and she lives with her one dog. She has two children, one is my mother, Kelly, and the other is her late son, Ryan. Her perspectives have changed in many ways over the years.
The purpose of Linda working when she was in her 30s was to help raise a family. My grandma worked sometimes two shifts a day, always working night shift. In her 30s she worked for survival. This kept food on the table, clothes on her kids backs and the material items they wanted. What my grandma was rewarded was much more than food, clothes and shelter, but the smiles on her two kid 's faces.
When Linda worked in her 50s she worked for different purposes. She worked to support herself and to pay her bills. Also, working gave her something to do during the day and keep her occupied. In my grandma 's 50s, she worked more towards material purposes. Including: craft items, gifts, retirement needs and necessities. Work now helped her gain more rewards.
My grandmother no longer works, however when she did work she was expected to do her best. Linda always worked her hardest by getting to work early and minding her own. She believes the newer generation should do the same, but they do not. Now, with the new generation, she believes kids work towards material items and relies on their families for…

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