The Egyptian Style Of Art Essay

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The Egyptian style of art is unique because it provides us a chance to view their culture overall and come up with things to take away from that. This article will dive 's into a discovery from an A team of archaeologists in Egypt and will see from their perspective how they found this statue. Very interesting and a significant find overall for what we’ve been learning in this class so far when it comes to the ancient Egyptian art style.

Now during this time as we have read in a chapter, the Egyptians where very proud of the statues they made of themselves and for the test of time, many discoveries have been made since then. This article titled “Ancient Egyptian Shrines, Once Thought Destroyed, Reveal Six New Statues” goes into detail how a team of archaeologists in Egypt discovered six rock-cut statues inside two adjoining shrines, previously thought to be completely destroyed by an earthquake that shook the region many centuries ago. This is such a significant find because it gives us a chance to look and learn more about their culture and some of the things they did. During this event, the find occurred during a dig at Gebel el Silsila, an ancient major quarry site in Upper Egypt, by a group from Sweden’s Lund University. From looking at the statues that were discovered, you could really tell by their design that they were from the Egyptian time period. When this was discovered, the sandstone figurines inside both shrines…

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