The Effects Of Violence On Low Income Communities Essays

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VIOLENCE IN LOW-INCOME COMMUNITIES What is the cause and effect of violence in low-income communities? Violence in low-income communities affects everyone from parents to children, to Police and even religious leaders. This is due to the fact that no real solutions have been implemented, and that there is no money available to Human Service organizations to effectively combat this issue. The issue of gun violence in low-income communities have been spiraling out of control. Some of the reasons for this is the lack of sustainable employment, the quality of the educational system, and the availability of resources to help those in the community.
The issue of bullying effects all communities but in low-income areas this effect leads to tragic ends due to lack of resources available. The fact that kids resort to or use gun violence as a way to resolve or deal with their bullying situation because they are afraid to stand up for themselves or tell anyone, is a prime example of or part of gun violence in the communities. Bullying effects kids and adults in the following ways, they withdraw from others, consider suicide, have eating disorders both over eating and not eating, and bullying of others as well as other ways of acting out. Children who are bullied tend to make up many sicknesses and to find reasons not to go to school and it hinders their educational process. Some teachers and guidance counselors are not always able to catch bullying which ends in a tragic…

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