The Effects Of Two Definitions Of Chronic Fatigue Essay

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This study examined the effects of two definitions of chronic fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) on two personality traits, Neuroticism and Extraversion. Neuroticism also known as emotional instability. The hypotheses of the study were to associate emotional instability and extraversion traits with chronic fatigue and CFS in a genetically informative sample. Participants were monozygotic and dizygotic twin pairs with at least one twin member was chronically fatigue for at least six months. In Case-Control design, twins were given the subscales of Five Factor Inventory to evaluate the association between personality traits and chronic fatigue. Participants’ lifestyles, sex and age were also taken into consideration. Confounded evidence of shared genetics that both definitions of chronic fatigue were with higher emotional instability. However, lower extraversion was found to be associated with both definitions of fatigue, but was not confounded by familial factors. Chronic fatigue and CFS were associated to both emotional instability and extraversion. In contrast, emotional instability and chronic fatigue are linked to genetics mechanisms and the connection with extraversion may be related to both definition of fatigue.
Keywords: Chronic fatigue syndrome, Personality, Neuroticism, Extraversion, Monozygotic, Dizygotic, Generic

Introduction This research was focus on monozygotic-identical twin and dizygotic-non identical twin pairs to determine if there was a…

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