The Syrian Crisis

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In March of 2011 a peaceful protest turned violent when the Syrian army killed protesters and launched Syria into a civil war (MercyCorp, “What You Need to Know about the Syria Crisis”). The war evolved from activists wanting governmental change to one that now includes ISIS, the Islamic extremist group. This has caused violence in Syria to escalate from airstrikes that outside powers have used to target ISIS, to the use of chemical weapons (MercyCorp). This has drawn the attention of American, Britain, and French governments. The attacks have been focused on schools and hospitals, catching ordinary Syrians in the crossfire. The violence has forced Syrians to flee to Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, and to cross the Mediterranean to Europe (Fahiim, …show more content…
More than four million people have fled from Syria due to the atrocities produced by modern warfare, causing one of the biggest refugee movements in history (Letsch, “Turkey Putting Syrian Refugees 'at Serious Risk of Human Rights Abuse”). Countries around the world provide air support and weapons to the opposing sides, causing more violence and results in Syrians fleeing from their homes, yet these countries make it hard for refugees to seek asylum in their country (Griswold). Since this war is being fought similarly to a proxy war, the countries that are providing weapons should be responsible for helping and providing shelter for refugees. The weapons that supporting countries are supplying for this war are not only being used on the opposing armies, but on schools and hospitals; centers of civilian life (Fahiim). The attacks on civilians have become so large that they have been compared to those of genocide (Sly, "Trapped between Airstrikes and Locked Gate, Syrian Refugees Are Pawns in a Wider War”). If international powerhouses are willing to give weapons to the opposing sides in Syria then they must be held responsible for the violence they are causing and should provide shelter for those who are fleeing the …show more content…
After the horrible events during World War II the international community came together to create a declaration that would prevent similar crimes from happening again. Yet in the Syrian refugee crisis the Syrians human rights have blatantly been violated and there have not been any steps to right the wrongs that have been done. Warfare has taken on systematic and dehumanizing traits that allow human rights violations to take place. The international community needs to support each other’s countries in any time of need by taking in refugees, providing aid, and stepping in when human rights are violated. There is a need for multilateral cooperation so that the rights set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights can be enforced and prevent crisis’ like the current situation in

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