The Effects Of The Housing Act Of 1949

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The Housing Act of 1949 was implemented by Harry S. Truman to help clear the slums and provided more appropriate housing for low-income families. The act provided “1 billon dollars in loans to help cities acquire slums and blighted land for public or private redevelopment. It also allotted $100 million every year for five years for write down grants to cover two-thirds of the difference between the cost of slum land and its reuse value” (Hoffman, 2000). The act also provided federal grants and loans to build $810,000 new low-rent public housing units over a total of six years. It took twelve years longer than the projected time to build all of the housing.(Hoffman, 2000). The housing was typically built on the outskirts of cities, making the …show more content…
The seclusion cuts her off from the mainstream of people, restaurants, stores, environment and opportunity. The Collins family also was located in a very violent area as well. Through the Housing Act of 1949 Nickcole and her family had no choices on where they were assigned to live. They were stuck in a bad area of town, which housed many low-income families that relied on the housing act for a safe place to live. This area was called Harry Horner housing. Secluding Nickcole and her family made it almost impossible for success because they were located on the outskirts of town and with them not having reliable transportation they couldn’t gain opportunity though different resources. Nickcole was successful in meeting all of her goals, but she had to work a lot harder than a person that was not located in the projects isolated from the mainstream …show more content…
When the lower-class population is segregated they face many disadvantages that no human or family should suffer through. The opportunity that would be provided would bring a healthier environment and more resources to low-income families. Segregation of the two populations is only harming society as a whole. With merging the two, Nickcole would be afforded more opportunity to be successful. She would have been provided with better schools, more job opportunities, a better pay rate, a better environment, more store choices, and lower cost of goods. The United States as a whole is impacted by this act of seclusion and assimilation needs to be provided so opportunities aren’t deprived from low income populations. There is much discrimination going on with the Housing Act of 1949. The government had a great theoretical idea by providing housing. By passing the act, they provided housing, which is the main purpose of the act, but they also segregated all of the low-income families to the outskirts of

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