Essay about The Effects Of Television On Children 's Children

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In today 's generation, TV is one of the most important tools used to help children learn new things, although there are some shows that can be a bad influence on children. The parents should take the responsibility of monitoring, to some degree, the shows there children choose to watch. For instance, parents should encourage children to watch discovery channels and news channels, so that kids may know about the beauties and the realities of life. There are some possible positive effects of spending time watching TV; however, the negatives effects far outweigh the positives effects. Children who watch television all day experience problems in the areas of time management, focusing, behavioral patterns, and health and athletic abilities.
Children who watch television experience negative effects on their time management skills. When children spend too much time watching television, their ability to learn how to develop their language skills is hindered. Also, children who watch television are at risk of delayed language learning, reduced concentration, increased agitation, and sleep disorders. A journal article published in International Education titled, “Studies Television and Medial Literacy in Young Children: Issues and Effects In Early Childhood,” states, “Studies have found that television exposure to young children could affect their language and cognitive development.” Everyday activities like singing, playing, and exploring helps children to sharpen their cognitive…

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