The Effects Of Technology On Interpersonal Relationships Essay

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The lack of solitude in modern-day society has dramatically diminished the quality of interpersonal relationships; however, new technology has provided a unique community for people to thrive in, emphasizing the need for a healthy balance between the two. During the recent reports that have been done on the effects of solitude and technology, one term has developed that is used to measure the interpersonal relationships that society has: social capital. Social capital, defined as “the capacity of individuals to accrue benefits by dint of their personal relationships and memberships in particular social networks and structures,” has fluctuated over the past several years; however, experts struggle to find an accurate way of measuring it other than through observation (Warschauer 154). Because of this subjective factor, much of the research done on the impacts of technology on interpersonal relationships rely on philosophical thought and pondering, rather than statistical analysis. Philosophically, many have tried to explain the cultural shifts that modern culture has gone through. Essayist William Deresiewicz explores this concept, noting that “the property that grounded the self, in Romanticism, was sincerity, and in modernism it was authenticity, then in postmodernism it is visibility.” As a culture, society has developed a controversial right to be heard, which has resulted in a surplus of social media, specifically those that place individual’s posts on the…

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