The Effects Of Soil On Soil Quality And Soil Health Essay

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The agricultural industry is the key industry that feeds, clothes, and keeps the population of the world comfortable in their homes. Members of this large, yet dwindling industry are faced with the challenge of feeding a rapidly growing population that is expected to reach 8.5 billion people by the year 2030. The major component fueling the agricultural industry is the soil. The very outer layer of the earth’s crust is the very one thing keeping the population thriving. While some theories suggest that the soil is nonliving there are many facts that suggest that the soil is indeed living, and living things must be cared for. While the agricultural industry utilizes mass production to meet the needs of the world, the condition of the soil must be taken into consideration in order to continuously produce maximum yield. This involves analyzing the various agricultural practices, and their effects on the soil.

Soil Quality
Soil quality and soil health tend to be thrown around to mean the same thing, when in fact they refer to two different aspects of soil ecology. In the essay “Soil Quality: A Concept, Definition, and Framework for Evaluation,” it is suggested that soil quality should be determined by soil function, and how well the soil functions in a specific ecosystem. The function of the soil refers to the ability of the soil to “sustain plant and animal activity.” There are many aspects that play a role in determining how well a soil can support life, but…

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