Essay about The Effects Of Sleep On Athletic Performance

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Sleep health is an essential component of our well-being. It plays a vital role in our physiological processes, learning, memory, and cognition. It also helps with our development. Sleep’s major role allows the body to restore and repair itself. Sleep is especially important for young adolescents and college students. So how much sleep do we actually need to function? How does sleep affect people differently, specifically athletes and non-athletes? The purpose of our experiment is to determine how sleep effects athletes and non-athletes in the class room. The hypothesis for this study is that if the student receives less than five hours a night, grades will start to show a decrease in percentage. We will test this by conducting a survey and then evaluating the results to see how much they differ. In the first article, the problem of the study was to determine if extending sleep had any effect on athletic performance. This problem is significant because sleep is important for basic human functioning and there are not much research done to explain how sleep extension effects performances. The hypothesis of the study was that sleep has an effect on performance, but based on limited studies there was not a real proposition on what it effected. In the experiment, there were 11 healthy students chosen from the Stanford’s Men’s varsity basketball team. Subjects kept their habitual sleep-wake schedule for a 2-4 week baseline followed by a 5-7 week sleep extension period. The…

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