Essay on The Effects Of Sexual Harassment On The Workplace

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Everyday life is face with many different situations that affect our emotion. Events that we encounter throughout the day can be whether or not perceived as stressors, depending on how we appraise them. Some examples are: meeting new people that can either have a good or a bad experience on us, watching TV, talking to friends and family, eating what we like or dislike, going to work, going to school, attending groups, running errands. These are just some basic activities of daily living that I experience. Some life situations are unpredictable such as a car accident, the passing away of a family member or a close friend, a theft, the loss of something precious, these events are usually difficult to deal with and are view as stressors. Stressors are sometimes in the workplace, for example old nurses can bully new nurses as I saw at my work place, sexual harassment in the workplace is a very common topics today, workplace violence, and workplace conflicts are also very common topics that I see every day at work and hear from friends. During clinical and simulations the last two semesters, I saw how nurses deal with stressful situations on a daily basis, for example they care for patients and family constantly in emotional distress, this is usually added to other stressors such as nurses shortage, and conflicts between nurses and members of the interdisciplinary team. The American Holistic nurses association urges nurses to care for themselves in order to be in good health…

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