The Effects Of Sex And Violence In The Media

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Register to read the introduction… They are most able to do this through monitoring the content their children are watching to ensure it is appropriate for their child’s age and developmental level. This is not an easy task as technology is advanced and there are more sources than ever for children to be exposed to this questionable …show more content…
Beyond that, professionals including politicians, lawyers, psychologists, therapists and human rights activists may be helpful in minimizing the effects of exposure to sex and violence in the media. Government regulations, education, and software that blocks inappropriate sites on the internet are ways to minimize the exposure itself. One act that can help with regulation of indecency on the internet is the Telecommunications Act (Obscenity, Indecency & Profanity N.D.)
How does the volume and accessibility of media portrayals of sex and violence relate to your interpersonal relationships?
I don’t have kids and I have been married for 18 years; I don’t feel like my relationships are affected by the media portrayals of sex and violence. I will say that I have many conversations throughout the day about the violence reported on the news and how upsetting the violence is to each of us.
What ethical principles are involved in the use of technology in relation to images of sex and violence? What ethical principles are involved when posting or making accessible the personal images of
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The arrest of Mr Gilk was for violating the states eavesdropping law. This law states you can video record but you can’t have audio (Osterreicher, 2012). I feel like the best recommendation that I could propose in relation to the accessibility and proliferation of images of sex and violence is better monitoring and enforcement of the laws we already have. When it comes to children we need to better educate their parents about ways to monitor what their kids are watching. Parents should also know that no tools out there are as effective as being there with them as much as possible when the kids are watching TV or surfing the

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