Religious Wars: The Effects Of Religion On Wars Throughout Time

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The Effects of Religion on Wars Throughout Time Religion has many branches, all of which have different beliefs and morals. This can cause conflict in the world and between groups. No matter what you believe in there is usually something or someone that rivals you. Most of the conflict comes from the basis of religion, which may seem contradictory to some people. From the time of the birth of Jesus to the present day there has always been conflict in the world and religion is the basis of all the violence.
Religious Wars Religion made the world. Some of America’s first settlers were the Pilgrims and Puritans who did not like the religion in England. Without that religious divide we may not be here today. Today there are many different religions,
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It may not be full out war, but rebellions often occur. One of the biggest in history was the Puritans, they were part of the Church of England and did not like how things were constructed. So they, in a sense, packed their bags and moved to America and made their own society. This connects back to what the Spiritual Scientist says, “but feed their egos. For them, their religion is not a means to increase their attraction to God, but a means to prove their own superiority over others” (2012). They moved because they did not like the church and wanted to make a perfect society. They ultimately thought that their religion was better than what theirs would ever be. Another form of rebellion is Atheists, or the ones that do not believe in God. They formed since they did not believe in God and went away from any form of religion. With any form of rebellion, big or small, the people believe that they are right, or superior, to the group that they are …show more content…
Most of the time the basis of all the fighting and killing people have to hear is because of religion, whether it be rival groups or groups that have different views or beliefs. People in response would ask the question, “Why do people fight if it is over religion, when the main goal of religion is to bring people together?” People may not know that religion can be a useful weapon and can be transformed into teachings that do not go with the teachings of God. That is how terrorism starts, they will find young children who are looking for a chance at rebellion or people that are looking for a new start and they will pound into their heads that God wants them to kill and they believe

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