How Violence Perpetuates Poverty

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Poverty is a huge issue in our world today. More than 46 million Americans are poor in the United States. 1.6 Million children have stayed in a shelter or emergency housing (Zalan, Kira. “ How Violence Perpetuates Poverty”). Several people find that their struggle to get out of poverty can sometimes be challenging because of the violence. Bullies in the neighborhood can beat, rape, and rob you, which can give you less of a chance to improve your economic status, those such things can pull you back to poverty. The struggle that poor people go through such as trying to get an education, hunger programs, clean water and shelter are stolen away from the violent people in the neighborhood. With all those situations it does not help the poor people …show more content…
Violence has got over hand in communities, people in poverty are getting their things stolen from by bullies in their neighborhood. People find themselves struggling to get out of poverty because of the violence in their community. At times some of these people are beaten, raped and robbed. People are constantly being put back into their life of poverty because of the violence, no matter how much they increase their income or human capital. People who cause this type of violence are criminals who live in poor areas. A lot of the times these such acts of violence are present because of the lack of police officers and law enforcement to restrain these criminals. The wealthy people have taken over all the security. They have set up security cameras and have paid law enforcement to watch over their house. That is one of the issues that have left the poor people vulnerable to violence. The US has made a study that poverty and crime are geographically concentrated (Blake, Taylor. “Poverty & Crime”). Where you find poverty you will find …show more content…
Such factors like unemployment, population density, minority population and age distribution are connected with crime and affect poverty. There has been a study that shows that there is a higher rate of mental illness in the poor than in the rich (Ward,Maurice “Poverty and Crime”). Poverty can lead to various of situations. It can lead to stress of not having the amount of money you need in order to be able to live stable, which can lead into a bigger issue, for example theft, robbery and other criminal activities. Poverty can also interfere with education, which can lead the youth to not put so much focus on education since they are in a different mindset. It can lead the youth to head into different directions since they do not have the access of role models, high education, and jobs because of the poverty they live in. The biggest issue they can come across is associating with gangs. They do not have the material goods they see some people have, so it tempts them to commit such crimes as to robbing other people, stealing from the store, and other acts of violence. Unemployment can also lead to violence and poverty as well. But even with being employed it will not decrease crime because they would see that people are earning higher income and that would just lead to more of the robbing and theft. With the higher income the issue is still present because of the two different classes, the lower and upper class.

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