Essay on The Effects Of Nutrition And Obesity On School Aged Children

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Comparing the Effects of Nutrition and Obesity on School Aged Children in the United States and the United Kingdom
Dietary nutritional values for public institutions have been increasingly monitored over the past few decades, with a desire to be healthier and better-rounded with respect to dietary needs. School aged children have a large influence on policies based around nutrition because of the developmental needs of a good diet. The United States and the United Kingdom show similarities and differences in the ways they attack the problem of poor menus in schools. Some differences may arise from the fact of the US being an ocean away with a population about five times greater than the UK. Both countries are in good health with respect to average mortality rates and average life expectancy, however the obesity rates in these nations is well above the global average with the UK being the sixth most obese nation with a rate of 25% and the US being most obese at 36% of adults being considered overweight or obese (Public Health, 2013). Public Health England also states that the obesity rate has more than doubles in the United Kingdom in the last 25 years (2013). This trend causes an obvious rise in health problems such as heart disease and stroke. Economically, this increase in medical patients is different between the two countries as the UK has government healthcare whereas the US does not. This obesity may arise from poor eating habits formed during adolescence. School…

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