The Effects Of No Government Regulation On Free Markets Essay

1967 Words Apr 2nd, 2015 8 Pages
The Effects of No Government Regulation Versus Government Regulation on Free Markets
By: Jonathan Reams
Macroeconomics 210-007
April 2, 2015

A free market economy is a market-based economy in which the prices of the goods are created by supply and demand without the interviewing of the government. America was founded on this type of economy and has been thriving ever since, with the exception of a couple of misfortunes. In this article, Free Markets: What’s the cost? , Chris Seabury discusses the pros and cons of a free market style economy. Seabury gives examples and goes in detail explaining that although a free market economic system has proven to be very successful and prosperous, many people find major drawbacks to it. In the article he concludes that neither a complete free market nor a completely government regulated system are perfect but a happy medium between the two is.

Many people searching for freedom and a successful life seek out ways to come to America. America, the land of the free, is where the “American Dream” was born. What is this American Dream? It is a way of life in which an individual’s freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, beneficial gains for the family and the individual’s children, which is all attained by hard work and determination. What allows this concept to happen in America and not in just any other country? America’s economy is considered…

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