The Effects Of Music On People 's Lives Essay

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Benefits of Music in People’s Lives For centuries, people have been looking for new ways to develop and/or improve certain skills in their lives. People have for numerous years searched for ways to make their lives easier and less stressful. They have sought out for ways to treat certain disabilities and illnesses. People have been trying to figure how to find ways to do these things, but what if the solution has been right in front of humankind this whole time. What if the answer to all these problems is music. Music has been suspected to bring numerous advantages in people’s lives. Plus, it can be an enormous asset in the education system. Music can have various benefits in our lives. One of these benefits is academic enhancement. According to a research report entitled “Music Lessons Enhance IQ” (2004) E. Glenn Schellenberg, professor of the Psychology Department in the University of Toronto who also runs the Music and Cognition Lab, claims that music, especially music lessons, promote a wide variety of abilities and one of the biggest is academic achievement. He says that, “ lessons have positive associations with verbal memory, spatial ability, reading ability, selective attention, and mathematics achievement” (511). In addition, a thesis constructed by Jenny Nam Yoon (2000) entitled “Music in the Classroom: Its Influence on Children 's Brain Development, Academic Performance, and Practical Life” states that multiple studies have shown that students…

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