The Effects Of Media Coverage On Education Essay example

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With the amount of media coverage that the presidential race is accumulating, and the increasing problems that the African-American race as a whole faces with law enforcement, the importance of problems in the world can get blurred. Yet, what I want to stress in this speech is the most prevalent and underrated issue in the United States today; the education of minority and underprivileged students. While many may not initially recognize the gravitude of this issue, at second glance the issue becomes obvious. It was not too long ago that the spotlight of “Greatest Problem In America” was focused on education. The new standards and regulations we face today are a direct outcome of the laws and bills passed during this ‘not too long ago’ time. Bills such as the ‘Every Child Succeeds’ Act -- also synonymously known as the ‘No Child Left Behind’ Act -- revolutionized the education system. So with the presence of the new Common Core standards, and the bi-partisan ‘Every Child Succeeds’ act, it would not be so misconceived to suspect that the education of every student is taken care of. Yet what I want to point out is the reason that the ‘No Child Left Behind’ act was so important was that it helped to ensure that every student no matter race, sex, or ethnicity would be entitled to a high-caliber education. With the new ‘Every Child Succeeds’ act, the emphasis on the ensurement of equal and high-standard education across the board has been lifted, and the power to make educational…

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