Essay about The Effects Of Mass Killing On The United States

2150 Words May 20th, 2016 9 Pages
As many people are very aware, there have been gruesome terrorist actions across many different nations in recent months. Some of these events include things like the crash of EgyptAir Flight 804 that was suspected to be shot down by a terror group, the bombings in Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium, as well as the mass shooting in a French political cartoon company. These radical terrorist groups do not follow any sort of laws, or rules of any kind, giving them free reign over any weapons they can get their hands on. In the future, these organizations could evolve into using alternative sources of weaponry. These weapons can and will cause mass destruction and killing in a very short amount of time. These devices of mass killing are detrimental to higher refined civilizations that do not support foreign radical beliefs.

Due to recent terror attacks across the globe and the unknown fact of whether or not foreign nations are developing new weapons, the United States should be able to attack aggressive countries developing nuclear materials so that they neutralize any chance of a catastrophic event happening on US soil. The United States’s nuclear umbrella should not be withdrawn from foreign countries because of the risk of more nuclear weapon development. The United States can not keep world peace by dominating every country 's decision on WMDs but the ones that are under nuclear umbrella protection can be prevented from creating more. A favorable reason the United…

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