Essay on The Effects Of Internet On Our Society

813 Words Jul 15th, 2015 4 Pages
The internet is a tool that people of all ages have access to; whether it be a child playing an online game, a teenager scrolling through Facebook, or a mother searching Pinterest for a new recipe. Even most phones now come ready and equipped with an internet search engine. The internet is ready and available for society to use, but is the internet effecting people? There are many positive benefits that have come from the invention of the internet; however, not all of the effects that they have on society are as wonderful. Internet has made many effects on society including improving our networking at home and globally, has made knowledge and information easier to access, but on the other hand, the internet has been a major distraction from people’s lives. One of the most beneficial effects that the internet has had on our society is the ease of networking and communication it has created. From finding old friends from high school on Facebook, to creating an online resume for job applications, to receiving updates on what is happening on the other side of the world, social media has made staying up to date on current events easier than people could have imagined. Student’s graduating from college have more outlets for finding jobs then in the past. The internet has made applying for jobs and networking with professionals a fingertip away for recent grads. In addition to making job finding easier, the internet has allowed for people to stay current on what is happen in the…

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