The Effects Of Greenhouse Gases On New Zealand

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This report discusses the effects of greenhouse gases on New Zealand through tourism and the actions that the NZ Government has taken to protect the environment. Nowadays, greenhouse is become a serious issue for tourist countries. New Zealand is trying to take care of it. The number of tourist is increase dramatically and because of it the amount of greenhouse gases is increased.

 Greenhouse Gases: Any of the atmospheric gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect by absorbing infrared radiation produced by solar warming of the Earth 's surface. They include carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (NO2), and water vapour.

 Carbon Credit: A permit that
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Now days it became very necessary to be a carbon neutral tourist nations. Tourists all over the world now understand the concept of carbon neutral tourism and they preferred to travel to carbon neutral tourist places. Tourist all over the world preferred to the different ways that leading to carbon free tour. New Zealand is the country which gives many interesting tourist places to the world. Tourism is playing very vital role in economic growth of New Zealand and one of the most important ways to generate foreign revenue. As more awareness of carbon free tourism New Zealand can take benefit of natural tourist spots those located within the country by projecting them as a carbon free tourist place. By became carbon free tourism country New Zealand can project as an environment friendly tourism country all over the world and New Zealand can generate more revenue by projecting themselves as a carbon free country. New Zealand will also have chance to sell their Carbon Credit too many countries & generate …show more content…
13th February 2007 New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clarke announced remarkable policies to create carbon free New Zealand. She also suggested changing way of life as environment friendly. (Clark, 2007)New Zealand Government had taken many important steps to create carbon free New Zealand which can attracts tourist from all over the world initially government decided to make all public sector units carbon free which includes the ministries for environment, Health and Economic Development, as well as the Departments of Inland Revenue and Conservation, and treasury reducing their emission of greenhouse gases. Government also gives important to plantation growing more trees, expansion of forest and forest plantation on crown land, more over New Zealand government also decided to give priority to other source of energy like solar energy, wind energy, bio fuel etc. Even New Zealand government has made strictly dead line to implement and to be a carbon free

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