The Effects Of Greenhouse Emissions On New Zealand Through Tourism And The Actions That The Nz Government

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Executive summary:
This report discusses the effects of greenhouse gases on New Zealand through tourism and the actions that the NZ Government has taken to protect the environment. Nowadays, greenhouse is become a serious issue for tourist countries. New Zealand is trying to take care of it. The number of tourist is increase dramatically and because of it the amount of greenhouse gases is increased.

 Greenhouse Gases: Any of the atmospheric gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect by absorbing infrared radiation produced by solar warming of the Earth 's surface. They include carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (NO2), and water vapour.

 Carbon Credit: A permit that allows the holder to emit one ton of carbon dioxide. Credits are awarded to countries or groups that have reduced their greenhouse gases below their emission quota. Carbon credits can be traded in the international market at their current market price.

My main purpose of this report is to tell about the greenhouse impact on New Zealand through international tourism. New Zealand gains 8.6% of its total income of its total GDP through international tourism as on 31st March 2013. NZ is one of the most scenically stunning countries in the year, which is not bad for a country of 4.1 million people. Now, this Pollution is directly connected with carbon credit of the country. New Zealand is taking…

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