The Effects Of Grazing By Ranchers And Invasive Weeds That Are Replacing Native Grasses

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Steps I would take to evaluate the land conditions is to analyze and determine the main causes of the issue at hand by determining the causes of the degrading over overgrazing and invasive weeds that are replacing native grasses. By doing this we can analyze the causes of grazing by ranchers and study how restoring these lands through the restoration process that can be used in order to provide a positive effects and outlook on the environment. Some approaches we can take when evaluating overgrazing land conditions is to monitor all the crops in the area that have been effected by poor pasture and grazing management. Taking this approach will help us understand how the land was being used and treated. It 's good to conduct an inventory list of what kinds of grass species are being grow and animals types that are being grazed throughout the year. When analyzing the conditions of the land we can look for "bare spaces" within a plants roots from adjacent plants under the soil. Doing this will give us an indication if the plants have been planted properly in its landscape surrounding and is being indicated as healthy growing crop or plant. When we are assessing overgrazed land conditions we can characterize and look they key components which can be, An increase in soil erosion, a decrease in influential forage plants, An increase in less palatable plants, or a compaction or disruption of soil crusts that creates a decrease in water infiltration. 2 "Rangelands An Introduction To…

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